Clear space equals a clear mind

And that equals less stress, higher productivity, and more fun!

organize me

I've Always been organized.

Tara Kirkland, Professional Home Organizer

Ever since I can remember, I kept my room immaculate to the point where I knew immediately if someone (ahem, my brother) had been in my room or even sat on my bed.

My love of organizing continued into adulthood. As a former corporate event planner and current mom to 3 teenagers, I have fine tuned my systems and processes and now find incredible joy in helping people create holistic, sustainable solutions in an efficient way. I want you to find peace and purpose in the organization work we do so you can spend more time doing what you love. 

Organization is a process.

It only takes 6 simple steps

1. Assess

2. Categorize

3. Edit

4. Contain

5. Label

6. Enjoy!

I believe Organization makes us live happier, healthier lives.

Plus, it's fun!

My goal is to create intentional organization for your life and home.

We do this through what I call “small batch organizing”, which is why most of my sessions are 4 hours. I have found this to be the ideal amount of time where we can be the most focused and productive and make good decisions before the brain tires out.

My process is designed to reduce overwhelm and create calm. Do you feel like that's something you need help with?

Ready to get organized?

Later is now...Let's get started!

organize me

Wanna know more about me?

Some of my fave things and best tips

Fave snack

Movie popcorn. Don’t even think about asking me to share it.

Best Podcast?

Brene Brown “Unlocking Us”.  So many juicy tidbits for life!

Fave room?

The Kitchen. It’s the heart of the home!

best tip

Time Blocking. If it's not on the schedule, it won’t happen.


Traveling, dancing and laughing...sometimes all at once!